Turkey holidays are great-but the Turkish Mediterranean is special!

Whether you've booked your Turkey holidays or not,come with us on a traveller's-eye-view of the Turkish Riviera.A pictorial & descriptive insight into the towns,the beaches,the historic sites,Turkey villas,Golf holidays in Turkey,the Mediterranean food & dining, & the shopping that will make your stay easy & relaxing.

What's this site about?

When we rented  out our Turkey holidays  villa in Kadriye, near Belek, we found that people booked the villa first & then I would spend hours providing  all sorts of information for their Turkey holidays.

  • How far from Antalya airport?
  • How long to Alanya by coach?
  • What was the beach like & how far?
  • Do we have to hire a car,& what is it like driving in Turkey?
  • Where are the best golf courses;can we hire clubs;do we pay separately for golf equipment on our flight?
  • How do we get our Turkey visas & how much?
  • Are there local shops, supermarkets, bazaars; is it cheap;what can we not get?
  • Where are the best places to eat, drink, or take children?   Is it expensive?
  • What is the public transport like? What does it cost.
  • What are the local attractions,how far are they,& how much do they cost.?

Of course,there are a thousand questions that people wanted answers to,depending on their own personal requirements that they were looking for in their Turkey holidays. 

  Families,couples,golfers,young adults,old or disabled people; all wanted slightly different information.

  Bringing so much information together was quite a chore.Some was here,some was there,some just took forever to find, and some just wasn't available at all (or not in a clear manner).

   This is our way of imparting as much information about the Turkish Mediterranean coast region as possible, but hopefully we will also impart the FEEL for Turkey holidays.We'd like to give that sense of excitement & anticipation that we feel every time we come to the villa or check in to a hotel.

Even Alanya can be peaceful and relaxing.Miles of sandy beaches give you plenty of opportunity to find a quiet spot.

Alanya beach,turkey holidays made easy.com

Choosing a Turkey Holiday

    Choosing the Turkey holidays that are right for you needs a bit of thought.Do you go for the cheapest package you can find?Do you go all-inclusive in one of the many 5 star hotels?Or maybe a villa holiday is more your style.

     Also,are you looking for a family holiday?A beach holiday? A golfing holiday?Maybe you're more interested in the historic sites & natural beauty a Turkey holiday can offer.

   We'll show you the lovely beaches,the historic & natural attractions,the superb golf that's available.We'll look at what you can expect in various types of hotel,& we'll particularly look at Turkey villas,both for renting & to buy.But always from a tourist or buyer's viewpoint.

Turkey villas can provide that freedom & choice you dream of.

Fairways Villa. A Turkey villa holiday can be so different;home from home or your own private hotel.

 We'd always enjoyed our Turkey holidays,but we especially love the Turkish Mediterranean coast.We love it so much we bought a villa there.I must admit it was Belek's superb golf courses that attracted me at first.So many great courses within a few minutes drive.I was like a kid at Christmas.

  Unfortunately,my wife is not a golfer.There had to be a lot more than golf to get her interested.Luckily  there was plenty to entice her.We'd already holidayed in Alanya,& she loved it.But we hadn't really explored the region between Antalya & Alanya.It hadn't really been developed.5 star hotels on the beach,mostly all-inclusive,meant people  rarely moved out of their hotel...

Things had started to change. Villas were built & the little towns started to expand.More bars,more restaurants,more shops.They also started staying open through Turkey's mild(ish) winter. The beaches were developed & modernised.The villas themselves were  very attractive.The infrastructure improved;roads,public transport,hospitals,etc.Furthermore the people we met were generally very nice.My wife was impressed!Yessss…….....result

Oh yes,....non crowded beaches

Kadriye beach has been redeveloped.It has good facilities & is rarely crowded.

Despite all this,the area remains relatively peaceful.Mostly,the beaches don't get overcrowded.You can always get on one of the golf courses.There are enough villas for rent to keep prices competitive.You rarely need to book a table at a restaurant.Prices in shops are competitive.And something that really helps your Turkey holiday go smoothly:Turkish people.

        Turkish people generally  have a good sense of humour,& like to engage in conversation.In tourist areas they usually speak several languages;including English,German,Dutch,& increasingly ,Russian.They are very pleasant & helpful when treated respectfully.

Forget Spain & the Algarve. Belek is the place for fantastic golf vacations.

Sueno Dunes Golf Course signature 18th hole.The pines course is also impressive.

Sueno Golf, BelekTurkey18th hole

As I said above,it was the golf courses that first attracted me to the Belek/Kadriye region.There are now even more courses & the quality is superb.The facilities are excellent,& all 13 courses(excluding Lykia)are within a 5 to 10 minute drive of each other.It's reputation is growing rapidly,with world matchplay,Men's Senior Tour,& Ladies European Tour, and now the Turkish Airlines mens European Tour event, all competing in Belek.

  Now there are several agents that can book your Turkey holidays to include golf,hotel(most of which are superb 5-star hotels),villa,transfers etc.& we'll give you some details.However you may have to book your flights separately.But more importantly,we'll give you the golfers-eye-view of things,with tips & advice to help ensure a relaxed experience & also to save money.

  Of course,you'll probably only play golf for 4 or 5 hours at a time,so this site will give you plenty of information on what to do,& where to go when you're not on course;restaurants & bars,trips & tours,historic attractions,resorts & beaches.We'll help you make your golf vacation a complete holiday.

Relaxed dining & shopping are the norm on the Turkish Med

One of Alanya's more popular eateries.Key staff have been there for years & never seem to forget a face.

Alanya restaurants

One thing we haven't mentioned of course is the weather.It's  usually hot & sunny;just as you'd expect on a Turkey holiday..Perfect for the array of food that is on offer in the many restaurants that dapple the Turkish Med.Everything from Turkish food to burgers & fresh seafood.The choice is endless.And if you're renting a villa,meals can be extremely cheap & tasty.There's nothing better than sitting outside,with a nice glass of wine or an Effes beer,maybe listening to some of your favourite music,while cooking your dinner or manning the BBQ.

    What tends to happen, when out for a drink or a meal,is that shopping creeps in intermittently. It's hard to walk past all those bargains or souvenirs.But we'll give you tips on how to shop.Oh yes,there is a knack to it & it's important to try & keep a balance.

So come and explore this incredible area and help make your Turkey Holidays easy and relaxing.

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The amazing Rixos Land of Legends in Kadriye is great for kids of all ages and adults too. All the information you need is on this site.

Winter Special
at Aroma Restaurant Kadriye

Fridays from 7pm,Asian and Oriental buffet. 50tl per person.                               Includes:                                onion bahjies, samosas,    Chinese spring rolls,Vegetable Roti, Chicken satay.                        Types of " hoppers".           Main courses include Birianies,Chicken and lamb curries,Butter chicken,Vegetable noodles,sweet and sour chicken, and chicken devil.                                      Booking required, see Kadriye Restaurants for details.