Get the best value from your golf holiday in Turkey. Tips & inside knowledge to save money & enhance your Belek Golf experience.

To help you plan your golfing holidays in Turkey we'll take a closer look at Belek Golf courses,so you get the most out of your vacation.

The Tat course in Kadriye.The warm Mediterranean Sea forms a beautiful backdrop to this hole.And yes,that is a tortoise at the edge of the green.

Tat course,Belek golf,Kadriye

Belek & Kadriye Golf courses

Many sites show a Google map of the Belek and Kadriye Golf courses.Frankly,it's a waste.That's all down to the very close proximity of all the courses.With the exception of the Lykia links,the courses almost join each other.They stretch from the Tat & the National in Kadriye to the Robinson Nobilis Club on the extremes of Belek.The other courses -all 10- are between these.(Lykia is about a 25 minute drive further on).

  This is partly why your course selection is important.The Belek golf courses are built in a band between the beach,the wooded conservation areas,& the main roadways,shops,villas etc. The trees are numbered & tagged so they can't just be chopped down. The courses are also a sanctuary for tortoises. They are common & often get out onto the roads(which are fenced off) but also onto the courses,as you can see from the photo above.So,essentially, all the courses are relatively narrow requiring accuracy on most holes.

*  By the way,if you see the same tortoise on consecutive holes you are obviously playing too slowly & the marshals  will soon be on your tails. Speed up or else!

This par 3 at The Carya golf course Belek, clearly shows how the protected trees shape the course & in places can keep it very narrow.

Carya,a Belek Golf course.

So,read the course details carefully before booking your golf holidays in Turkey.As a very broad guide the following courses are a little more forgiving & will suit those with a medium to high handicap:

  • The Tat
  • The Kaya Eagles
  • The Pasha course at The Antalya Club
  • The Carya(many people's favourite course)
  • The Dunes course at The Sueno Golf resort
  • The Lykia links course

     This is not to say they are easy.Every Belek golf course is challenging.But if you feel you'd get frustrated with too much accuracy,these courses may suit you better.Water plays a part on nearly every course,though most of the time you will be playing alongside water rather than over it.Not always the case of course.

     I would certainly suggest that only lower handicap players tackle the new Faldo & Montgomery courses.The Pines & Sultan courses are also fairly narrow.The others are somewhere in the middle:The Robinson, The Gloria courses,& The National.In fact,I would recommend that the National  should be visited,even if you don't play golf.It is a delightful experience.

  Another consideration in course selection might be cost.The cost of your Belek golf, and your Turkey holidays in general,can vary considerably depending on where you play,eat,drink and so on.

The Gloria has 2 x 18 hole courses(The Old Course and The New course funnily enough), plus a 9 hole course(The Verdi). As you can see,the courses are in excellent condition.

Gloria course,Belek Golf

When to play

    Peak for golf in Belek is in winter , Autumn & Spring. Early tee times are most popular as its cooler & you can get on with other activities; day trips, shopping, or just a long leisurely lunch.But don't get too concerned about a cool round of golf.From mid April to late October,the temperature can get up to 30*C by 9am, & many people will have the same idea.

   Remember you're on your Turkey golf holiday in Belek.You don't have to be back to the office or pick the children up from football.You are there to relax.So let the die-hards go out at 7am.You'll enjoy your round & probably play better if you haven't rushed out onto course,particularly if,as is usually the case,you may have had a late & alcohol-excessive night before.

   Far better to enjoy the superb buffet breakfast that is likely served at your hotel,or maybe a full English at your rented Turkey villa.You can then use your time to relax or loosen up on the ample driving ranges that most of the golf courses have.

One of the practise greens at the Gloria golf course,Belek.The very ample driving range can be seen in the background.

Gloria golf course,Belek

Method in the madness

   There is method in this apparent madness.More often than not we went out after 1pm( 13-00 hours). The reason being that around mid-day most days a very pleasant breeze picks up from the beach.Combined with the cooler air while driving the golf buggy,it can actually feel more comfortable than playing mid-morning,when there is no breeze at all   There is another advantage to playing later in the day;the courses are far less busy,allowing you to

  • relax & play better golf
  • take in some of the great Belek golf scenery.
  • take proper breaks to keep your liquid intake at the required level.
  • Perhaps take photos to show the club members back home what a great place it is to play golf during a Turkey holiday.

     As we said above,peak time is in the cooler months,October to May. The hottest months of June to September are quieter but they also tend to  be cheaper.Course maintenance is normally undertaken during these months,but this tends to be staggered and not really a problem.


Off peak season.

Unfortunately, in the Summer months,(June to September),some of the Belek golf courses may not have bar/restaurant facilities open all day. But the busier courses will be open, ,particularly if they 're attached to a hotel. The Tat usually has a skeleton crew, but the Antalya, the Gloria, The  Sueno, The Cornelia ,The   Papillon   etc, will all have full facilities. But don't let that put you off the likes of the Tat or the Kaya courses. In many ways they are more enjoyable than the busier courses. They are  at the far end of the Belek & Kadriye golfing strip &  some of the fairways are much wider, giving a rare opportunity to get that driver out and give that little white beauty a damned good thrashing.

   The service & care at most Belek golf courses is excellent. Generally the caddie staff will take your clubs to your buggy. Sometimes,  if not too busy, they will give them a clean. Some provide cold water to take out on the course. However, we recommend you buy large bottles of water at the local shop or supermarket & put them in the freezer the night before. Take them on the course & you'll  have cool water most of the way around.

 Most of the resorts will show you the hotel, the driving range, & maybe their signature hole. But  believe me , when you come in after 4 hours  in that heat & humidity, the changing rooms are  the first important thing & having played some top courses in the UK& Spain, I can say that most Belek & Kadriye courses compare very favourably to these.


Belek Golf Key Tips.

Top Tips for a relaxed,easy Belek golf holiday.

  • Take plenty of balls & tees,you will lose some balls & they are quite expensive to buy.There is no "American Golf" or other major discount retail outlet.
  • Ensure you have soft spikes only.Metal Winter spikes are not allowed.
  • Freeze water overnight so it stays cold during your round.If you are staying at a hotel the kitchen or bar staff should help you to do this.
  • Only drink bottled water.Tap water can cause problems when you're not used to drinking it.
  • Take oranges on your round as they don't get so warm.
  • Go out a little later if you want a more relaxed round;it's usually quieter & it can be very warm even at 9am.
  • Because the courses are so close to each other,you may find taxis an economical & convenient means of getting around,but agree a price before you start your journey.A 2 mile/4 km trip should cost about £5, (€6).
  • If you're looking to hire a car be sure to read  Driving in Turkey .
  • Change money over there;generally the exchange rate is much more favourable,making your golfing holiday in Turkey good value.
  • Even if you're on an "all-inclusive" package,try to venture out & support some of the local businesses.This will help maintain choice & prevent towns being destroyed,as has happened in some of Spain's tourist spots.

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