Alanya beaches;which one will you choose?

Alanya beaches and Alanya's climate are superb and are the basis  of the resort's appeal. Not the idyllic  style of the Caribbean, or Australia, with their white  sand and secret coves (although there are such beaches on Turkey's Mediterranean coast),but they are wide, flat, and generally not stony. The sand is slightly coarse but not shingly. The  beaches  are also long, so you should find yourself a quiet spot with space.

Alanya's cleopatra beach

Alanya's Cleopatra Beach;a mile of white,sandy,Mediterranean coastline.

  Certain hotels and restaurants  also have private beachfronts, & sometimes it can be worth using their bar or facilities to get access to the better spots. These include The Panorama, The Azac, The Begonvil Beach club pool, & many others.

  There are stretches of beach all along the coastline from Antalya to Alanya and beyond.Kadriye, Belek,Side,Avsellar; all have very nice beaches, but Alanya  beaches  have the hotels, shops, bars and restaurants  that attract the tourists .Scandinavians, Germans, Brits, Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, and of course Turks, flock to Alanya.

East Beach on the quieter side of Alanya.The castle hill is in the background so not far from the "Centrum".

  You want your Turkey holiday to be totally relaxing and Alanya beaches can provide all the relaxation you need.Getting a nice sun tan, swimming in the warm Mediterranean Sea, reading your book, getting a bit of lunch or a refreshing drink, shopping,and of course the water sports like parasailing,jet skis,pedallos, beach volleyball,etc.; it's all there for you. Yet there are some great little spots along the coast outside Alanya  where you can  have a lot of beach to yourself.

Alanya's climate is perfect for that summer beach holiday or even some winter sun. (

 TheMediterranean Sea  is so convenient for Turkey beach holidays .It is generally calm, it's warm, and it has no tide.It's always there,in the same spot.So you don't have to  check on tide times, or walk 200metres to have a swim.If you park your sun-lounger 20metres from the water's edge, you will stay 20metres from the edge.

Choosing  your  spot is the key to getting the best from your Alanya beach holiday. Cleopatra beach is generally the busiest section, but if you want a quieter spot you'll need to get further along the main tourist drag.The further along East Beach you go the quieter the beach, but you are then getting further from the Alanya's  main core of shops,bars &restaurants. However there is always somewhere to get a drink or a bite to eat not far away.

There are some nice hotels and bars not far from Damlatas Beach(pictured below),and the famous Damlatas Caves.There is also a steep road to Alanya castle from here.

  Yet even Damlatas can get pretty busy.East Beach, on the other side of the Castle peninsular, is the quieter area.But if you want to see what is around each beach vicinity check out our "activity map".This will give you an idea of where Alanya's beaches are situated,where the water sports are, the main restaurants,bars,shops, attractions, the bus and coach stations.

damlatas beach lies alongside Cleopatra Beach and the famous caves.

Alanya beaches are great and the resort buzzes in the peak summer months.Like all good resorts there is so much to see and do that the time will almost certainly fly by.So make sure your villa,apartment,or hotel aren't too far from everything.

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