Alanya Hotels are all about location,location,location.

Massive choice,huge city....but maybe bad choices?

There are hundreds of "Alanya hotels".Some are right in the hub of the city, some are a little further out, and some are....well, miles from the city itself.

 From Antalya airport to Alanya resort is a 2 hour coach ride along the D400 highway.This coastal road is strewn with large, all inclusive hotels, many of them with very good reviews.

  However, some hotels in Avsellar,Konakli, Turklar,small locations with lovely beaches but little else close by, also class themselves or are deemed to be, "Alanya hotels".This may not be a problem for some, but it can lead to disappointment for others who expect to be close to the main resort.

One of the many large hotels that line the highway to Alanya.
There are some beautiful spots along the highway, but not always much else.

Alanya itself is a pretty city, with a beautiful harbour, well kept flora and communal parks, a castle/fort with stunning views, and a thriving central area of shops, bars, restaurants, and night clubs.

  Almost every cuisine can be found along the Centrum area of the city;Turkish,Italian,British, Scandinavian, German,Polish and Russian.

  Shopping ranges from boutiques, "cheap fakes", quality fakes,genuine brands, souvenirs, and the bazaar with almost everything .

 The centrum is also convenient for the beaches, Kleopatra Beach and East Beach.

View from a central hotel, with the harbour and fort in the background.
One of the many restaurants serving a wide variety of food,from Turkish to Chinese.

 Many people base their  Alanya Hotel choice on reviews on sites such as Trip Advisor, Travel Republic, and so on.This is good up to a point. But……….

   Ever wondered why Mrs A  gives the hotel a great review, while Mrs B says she will never  stay there again ;"the holiday from hell"?

  I've stayed in many of Alanya's hotels, of varying quality, and never have I been so dissatisfied that I would not stay there again. Some are better than others of course. Rooms vary, food varies, facilities & service varies .But generally, all have been  at least acceptable. Have I just been lucky? I don't think so. And Location  is one of the key reasons. Why is it so important ? Here's why……

Central Alanya, photo from OpenStreetMap.

 Centrum is the key.

In the map above,I've split Alanya Hotels into 4 areas.

A) Is from the outskirts of the city,along the popular  Kleopatra Beach.

B) Is the Central area (Centrum).This is where most of the better restaurants & shops are located.

C) This area is good,but  you don't want to be too far along the Attaturk Boulevard.

D) This is the area around  Alanya Castle.A very good area but there are only a few hotels within this  peninsular.

  Now, when you book an Alanya hotel you could go on ,say, Trip Advisor, & the reviewer says the hotel is in the X area. Reviewers are often more concerned about making their point than about geographic accuracy. My  research suggests that  many,many hotel reviews give the right address but the wrong map location.Many even pinpoint ANTALYA as the location. So, what does this mean?

  Well, it means researching your Alanya hotel's location thoroughly and not taking review locations at face value.

 When you think about how little time you spend in a hotel room when on a Turkey holiday, other factors become more important.Yes, you want a clean comfortable room as a minimum,but this should be a given.You then look for good food,a varied menu, good service,and things to do when you're not lounging around the pool:

  • Shopping
  • Sightseeing
  • Taking in the local culture,maybe try a Turkish barber.
  • Possibly a little activity like whitewater rafting or a boat trip.
  • Perhaps a day at the beach,with its para sailing or jet skis.
  • Above all,trying different bars and restaurants.

  This is all far easier if you are not out in the middle of nowhere.The closer your Alanya hotel to the Centrum, the easier it is to access all these.

One of the many hotels along the main boulevard in Alanya.Close to the beach and not too far from The Centrum.
Central Alanya comes alive at night.

Where do I want to be?In the hub or out of town?

All Inclusive, half board , self catering?

  A flick through "Alanya Hotels" will throw up hotels in Centrum  Alanya, but also hotels in block A, block C, and hotels in Avsellar,  Konakli, Turklar, Tosmur, & Kardicak. Many of these hotels are  5,10,15, 20 miles or more from central Alanya.

    Naturally, if you are in the middle of nowhere you have to be all-inclusive.But this is why so many hotels offer all inclusive; there are not enough shops & restaurants near-by to offer an alternative. You are locked in & if you don't like it…...Where can you go?

 Don't get me wrong; there are some excellent all-inclusive hotels.My son & his partner stayed in Avsellar all-inclusive & loved it.Others have given the hotel poor reviews.Problem is, if you don't like  the hotel, where can you go to eat, drink, relax?

  The lists below put many of Alanya's hotels into the grids shown on the map above.So you can check just how far each hotel is, both from the Centrum and in most cases from the beach.This is because some hotels may be fairly close to the centrum but set well back from the main boulevards and beaches.

   Distances are approximate/estimates, and the *ratings were as given on Trip Advisor in early 2014, so may have since changed. .For further details about bars, restaurants, etc, in each location see


Alanya Hotels in area D
These Alanya hotels are about as central as you can get. Located around the castle, harbour, shops, bars and restaurants. Also close to the local bus station.  The name of the hotel along with it's Trip Advisor rating (early2014)

Hotel Villa Turka. Near Castle.    *5

Seaport Hotel.  Near Red Tower. *4.5

Bella Vista Suite Hotel,  Near Damlatas Caves.*4

Hotel Leandra. Near castle but needs verifying.*4

Sunny Hill Hotel.  On castle hill area. *4

Kaptan Hotel.  Foot of Red Tower.  *4

Temiz Hotel. Near castle and Crusoes Restaurant.*3.5

Blue Dream Hotel.Near harbour but requires verifying.

Area B
These Alanya Hotels are not far from the Centrum area. Within easy walking distance of beaches, castle, harbour, shops and nightlife.

Ergun Hotel.   Near Crusoes and Pandora restaurants. *4.5

Kandelor Hotel. Set back from Ataturk Blvd. Near Damlatas caves. *4.5

Sunpark Garden Hotel. 15mins to beach and Ataturk Blvd.  *4.5

Experia Grand Bali Hotel. Very central,near castle etc.*4

Grand Zaman. Good central location for shops and bars. *4

Kahya Hotel. Nr Damlatas Caves and Centrum. *4

Aroma.Near Damlatas Caves. *4.5

Grand Zaman Garden Hotel. Nr shops and bars,beach,etc. *?

Caligo Apart Hotel. On Damlatas Road.*4

Palmiye Park Apart Hotel. Set back but nr Damlatas. *5

Bilkay Hotel. Good location near beach and central. *3.5

Villa Sun Flower Apart Hotel. Central but 0.5mile to beach. *4

Flower Gardens  Hotel. 500metres to beach, central. *3.5

Alin Hotel. Beach 500metres. Damlatas area.   *4

Best Ali Baba (needs verification).

My Flower Hotel (Near Centrum,700m to beach).*3

Bedeston (Needs Verification.Possibly near Konakli)?

Kleopatra Gondola Hotel(near Damlatas,200m beach, 200m Centrum)*3

Glaros hotel( 300m beach, 200m Centrum)*2.5

Mola Hotel (Near beach, Centrum200m).*3.5

Villa Sonata. Aparthotel near the Ergun. *4.5

Saphir resort and Spa. Set back from Ataturk Blvd. 5mins walk to beach. *4.5

Remi Hotel. Near Damlatas and beach. *4

Elysee Beach Hotel. Close to bars, rest's, harbour, beach. *4.5

Karat Hotel. Nr Centrum, Crusoes, harbour, etc. *3.5

Lonicera City Hotel. Slightly set back from Ataturk Blvd.*5

Ada Apartotel. Near Damlatas and Kleopatra Beach. *4

My Home Apartments. Set back from Ataturk B. but central. *4.5

Kleopatra Beste. Near Damlatas. *3.5

Elite Orkide Suite + Hotel. Central but set back about 0.5 mile. *3.5.

Alanya Beach Hotel. About 0.5 mile from centrum, but nr beach. *4

Must Apart Hotel. Damlatas area. Beach 500metres approx. *4.5

Gallion Hotel. Very central. 200metres to beach. *3

Best House Apartments (Near the D400, 2klm beach, 2klm Centrum).*2.5

Luxor Apart.(250m beach, 300m Centrum.)*2.5

Damlatas Elegant Apart Hotel (200m beach, 200m centrum).*3

Sheherezade Hotel (500m beach, close to centrum)*No reviews.

Vega Star Apart Hotel (North of D400.2klm beach, 2klm Centrum.)

Agora Apart Hotel.(200m beach, 300m Centrum).No reviews.

One of the many varieties of cuisine available in central Alanya.
This is the main boulevard in the "C" area,near East Beach.

Area A
This area stretches from the western outskirts of the city, along the famous Kleopatra Beach, to the Damlatas Caves and Centrum.

My personal preference when booking Alanya hotels is to be near the Damlatas Caves area.It's ideal for the beach and walking into the central bars,restaurants and shops.

Sunprime Ocean Alanya Beach. Suites and Spa. 5mins from Damlatas Caves 4.5    

Grand Okan.Close to Damlatas and beach. *4

Palmiye Beach Hotel.(15mins walk to centrum)*3

Azac Beach *3

Azac Hotel Alanya (Near Damlatas and Beach)*3.5

Sidar Club (Near Kleopatra beach but set back a little) *4

Atak Suite Hotel (About 1mile to Centrum). *4

Ozcan Hotel  (About 1 mile from Centrum)*3

Fatih Hotel (About 1.5 miles from Centrum) *3.5

Blue Star Hotel (About 2miles to centrum).*3.5

Tac Premier Hotel and Spa.(About 1mile from Centrum).*3.5

Sun Park Beach Hotel(0.5miles to Centre).*4.5

Hotel Kahya Alanya(200metres beach,5minutes Centrum).*4

Hotel Kleopatra Ikiz (near beach,, 1.25 miles to Centrum).*3.5

Anahtar Apartments.Near beach,2miles Centrum.*3.5

Odeon Apart hotel.(On D400. 0.5miles beach,1.5klms Centrum).*3.5

Cleo South Princess Suite Hotel.(400metres beach, 1.5klms centre).*4

Balik hotel. (near beach, Centrum about 2miles). *3

Gural.(near beach, about2miles centrum).*3.5

Sultan Sipahi resort(on beach, near Damlatas and centrum). *3

Kleopatra Life (about 100metres beach, 1klm centrum).*3

Yeni Acun Apart hotel.(About 100metres beach, 3klms centrum).*3

Kleopatra Beach hotel.(Near beach,about 3klm to centrum).*3

Hotel Hermes.(Near beach and 500m to centrum)*3

Hotel Kleopatra Elite.(Near beach,near Centrum).*3

Sesam Apart Otel(Beach 200m, Centrum 500m).*4

Hotel de Alangun (Near beach, 2kms to Centrum).*3.5

Kleopatra Micador Hotel (400m to beach, 2kms Centrum).

Palmera Kleopatra Beach. (to be verified, 5klms from Centrum?)*2

Kleopatra west Hotel (200m beach, 2klm centrum).*2

Hotel Pehlivan (Near Damlatas, 100m beach, 200m Centrum).*Wrong map,no reviews.

Kleopatra Gungor Hotel (200m beach,500m Centrum).No reviews.

Gardenia Hotel.Close to Damlatas caves. *4.5.

Sunpark Ocean. *4.5

Kleopatra Ada Beach hotel.*4.5

Alaiya Kleopatra. On Ataturk Boulevard opposite beach. *3.5

Kleopatra Dreams Beach hotel (20mins walk to Centrum).*4

Alaaddin beach hotel (10/15mins from Centrum).*4

Celine kleopatra hotel(10/15 mins to Centrum)  *4.5

Riviera Hotel (Near Damlatas) *4

Savk Hotel. (10 mins to Centrum). *4

Margarita Apart Hotel(Nr Beach,1mile Centre).*3.5

Kleopatra Royal Palm.(Beach 2mins,Centrum   1.5miles).*3.5

Kleopatra Melissa hotel (About 1.5miles to Centrum).*3

Green Park Aparthotel.(Beach 0.5mile, centrum 1mile).*3.5

Xperia saray beach Hotel(On beach, Centrum 0.25miles).*3.5

Kleopatra Arsi(100metres beach,2klms Centrum).*3.5

Hotel Kleopatra Golden Sun.(300yards beach, 2miles centrum).*2.5

Cleo Apart Hotel(250metres beach, 2klms centrum).*3

Kont Hotel(2miles from centrum, beach??).*4.5

Angora Beach Hotel(needs verification but appears to be 200metres beach, 1klm centrum).*5 from 1review.

Euro Hotel Kleopatra(near beach,near Damlatas¢rum).*3

Hotel Carina (Nr Damlatas Caves,near beach, near centrum)*3

Hacibey Apart Hotel(1klm beach, 2kms Centrum.)*3

Hotel Royal Alanya (on outskirts of Alanya,5klms Centrum)

Sara Hotel (Nr Damlatas,near beach, 500m to Centrum).*2.5

Gortur Sunset (200m to beach, 1klm Centrum.)*3

Diamore (200m beach, 500m Centrum).

Kleopatra Ada Hotel "00m beach,3klms centrum,Verify!)*2.5

Kleopatra west Hotel (200m beach, 2klm centrum).*2

Cleo Mare Hotel (100m beach, 1klm centrum).*2.5

Winni's World Hotel(Kizlappinari?)Needs Verification.*2

Kleopatra Inn Hotel (200m beach, 2klm Centrum)*1

Kleopatra City Hotel(Near beach , 2klm Centrum.)*2

Kleopatra Alis Otel (near beach, 1.5klm Centrum)*1.5

       Alanya Hotels Area "C".                            These Alanya hotels are located on the Eastern side of Alanya. As with Kleopatra Beach, East Beach is long but tends to be a little quieter, though there are still the usual beach sports and activities. Hotels in this section are generally within walking distance to Centrum, up to 1.5/2klms.I have taken Oba as the far boundary.There are some good bars  and restaurants along this stretch of boulevard.

Blue Diamond Alya (Nr Beach and Centrum) *4.5

Panorama Hotel.(very near beach and centrum.)*4.5

Blue Heaven (Set back from beach, about 5minutes)*5

Ozkaymat Select Resort ( about 300m to beach, near Centrum)*4.5

Almera Park Apart Hotel(Just on the extreme border of Oba.)

Monart City Hotel(Just on the boundary of Oba).*4

Wien Hotel (Near Oba Cadesi,20 minute walk to Centrum).*4

Pera Inn Hotel (Set back from beach)*4

Almera Apart.(Oba.About 20mins slow walk to Centrum).*3

Erkaptan Apart Hotel (to be verified).*3.5

Gunes Beach (near beach,20mins walk to Centrum).*4.5

Parador Hotel (10 minutes' walk to Centrum)Near beach. *3

Okan Tower Apart Hotel (About 20mins walk to Centrum)*3.5

Elysee Hotel (Near beach, about 20mins walk to Centrum)*3.5

Eftalia Aytur Hotel(Near beach,20mins to centrum).*3.5

Orient Suite Hotel (Set back from beach but close to Centrum)*4

Buyuk Hotel.(Good location near beach and centrum).*3

Hotel Lavinia Apart.(200m beach, 20 minutes' walk Centrum)*4

My Gold Hotel (On Beach, 1KLM to Centrum).*3.5

Boulevard Hotel(near Beach, 1 klm to Centrum)*4

Hakdem Bonapart Hotel (200m beach, 500m to Centrum)*3.5

Iris Apart Hotel,(Near Centrum, 500m to beach.)*3.5

Pinar Hotel (Set back 700m beach/harbour, 600m Centrum)*3.5

Hotel Nergiz (Near beach, 1klm to centrum).*4

Gunes House Hotel (Near beach,500m to Centrum)*3

Aparthotel Hayat (1.5 klm beach, 1klm Centrum)*4.5

Berkan Hotel (near beach, 500m to Centrum.)*3

Kardelen Apart Hotel (500m beach, 500m centrum).*3.5

Maren Beach (100m beach, 1klm Centrum.)*3

Albatross Beach Hotel(Near beach, 1klm to Centrum).*3

Oxford Apart Hotel (600m to beach/harbour, 1klm to Centrum)*5

Suntown Suite Hotel (to be verified).

Puren Hotel (600m beach, 300m to Centrum).*2.5

Sifalar Apar Hotel (600m beach, 700m to Centrum).*3

Suntime Hotel(100m beach, 1klm centrum)*2.5

International Hotel(100m beach, 1.5klm Centrum)*2.5

Mirage Family Suite Apart Hotel (Central location,400m beach,400m centrum)*2

Merhaba Hotel (Near Beach, 700m Centrum).*1.5

A.K.Hotel (200m beach, 600m Centrum)* No reviews.

Gloria Apart.(1.5klm to Centrum).

Hotel Yildirimoglu (500m to beach, 500m to Centrum.)*no reviews.

NimseyApart Hotel (Needs Verification).

Ozcakil (250m beach,500m Centrum).No reviews.

Violet hotel.(Near Panorama.100m beach, 1klm Centrum.)No reviews.


There are dozens of "Alanya hotels" further out than those listed above.Some are excellent hotels and might be just what you're looking for.

 However, this exercise is designed to help you get a better handle on where the above hotels are in relation to the hub of Alanya's tourist centre.

  If you do find yourself further out than you anticipated, or even if you just prefer to be away from the busy areas, it's not the end of the world.Local buses are very clean and comfortable and run up and down the highway into the city.Some hotels also run shuttle buses or offer day trips into town.

Local buse are clean, comfortable and cheap.You normally pay the driver or his assistant when you get off the "Dolmus".
Larger coaches operate to Side,Serik,and Antalya.They too are cheap,clean,air conditioned,and usually serve hot and cold drinks on board.

If you bear all this in mind when you book your Alanya hotel, you stand a much better chance of being where you want to be,and therefore likely to get the most from your Turkey holidays.

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