Fairways Villas Kadriye provide the ultimate in relaxation.

Fairways Villas Kadriye. The perfect location?

 Fairways Villas Kadriye are situated just 30 minutes drive from Antalya Airport.So after a day's travelling it's really good to know you haven't got that dreary long transfer to get to your temporary new home.

 " Fairways" is midway between Kadriye and Belek, two small towns that maintain that relaxed  theme.Both towns are about 5 minutes drive from the villas.Side and Perge are about 30 minutes drive; Aspendos is about 20 minutes away.The city of Antalya is about 40 minutes drive, while the resort of Alanya is about 1 hour's drive.Serik is the commercial and administrative centre for the area; about 10 minutes drive.

   Fairways Villas Kadriye are just a 7 minute drive to Kadriye Beach,and about 10 minutes to Belek Beach.A further 5 minutes takes you on to the undeveloped Bogazkent beach.In fact there is beautiful Mediterranean coastline all the way down to Alanya and beyond.

   If you really get the bug to explore the region,you could head east past Alanya, or,my favourite,head west past Antalya along the coastal road to Mugla Province.

   Kalkan is my personal favourite town. It is compact but has some great little spots and a some fantastic restaurants.I will expand on this at a later date.Further on you have the beautiful resort of Fethiye and its surrounds.There's another whole experience there with Calis Beach and some good restaurants.( For detailed information on Fethiye see


  So,while Fairways Villas Kadriye offer a generally peaceful and relaxing situation, they also provide a great central base to explore the region's attractions; the historic sites, the beaches, the towns and cities, the National Parks, the mountain regions, the coastal scenery,and the adventure trips.Not to mention the shopping and restaurants that continue to improve and offer greater choice than ever before.

Fairways Villas Kadriye 

  Fairways Villas Kadriye are basically a Spanish style architecture.A tower feature with a balcony and the patio arches distinguish them from most of the other,more traditional style, villas in the area.

  Fairways Villas Kadriye consist of about 43 Spanish style villas.All the villas are semi attached,3 bedrooms, some with private swimming pool, others without. 

What's close by to Fairways Villas Kadriye?

There are several factors to consider when deciding on a villa rental for your Turkey holidays.Fairways Villas Kadriye ticks lot of the boxes.

  • There are no noisy night clubs nearby to keep you awake.
  • You are not totally isolated;you have very friendly and helpful neighbours,giving some added security.
  • There are small shops within walking distance to get basics that you might run out of or forgotten.(You can also sit and have a beer or coffee in these;even a snack or lunch.).
  • There is a chemist (Apothoke) a couple of minutes drive down the main road which can deal with most non urgent ailments.They can prescribe most things that a doctor would prescribe and medicines are relatively cheap.
  • There is a private hospital (Aspendos) just down the road,2 minutes drive.Make sure you have adequate insurance as it can be expensive,(as I found out in 2014.!!).Better if you can get to the hospital in Serik (about 15 minutes drive).This is a public hospital and residents have all spoken very highly of it.It is also a lot cheaper.
  • Golf clubs are very near.You can see the Sueno from the villas.Even if you don't like golf, the clubs are a good place to go for a beer or some lunch.The other 15 superb courses are all within 10 minutes drive of Fairways.
  • Public transport.There is a bus stop on the main road,a few minutes walk.The Dolmus (small buses) service Belek,Kadriye, Serik and Antalya.They are cheap, clean and air conditioned.
  •   For greater convenience you can ring for a taxi.Also many restaurants will now come and collect you and take you home if you are going to eat there.
  • Some tour operators will also collect you from your villa or at the top of the road.Turkish people generally aim to please and are flexible.                                                                                               So you have enough on your doorstep to not have to make long trips into town if you don't wish to.I keep a bicycle for those trips to the local shop.it all helps to keep it relaxed.

Getting things in perspective

   Understandably these days, people worry about conflict in foreign countries.Turkey has borders with several countries,including Greece,Bulgaria,Ukraine,Georgia,Armenia; but more significantly to some people: Syria,Iran and Iraq.Sounds daunting, but Turkey is a big country and to put Fairways Villas Kadriye into the context of it's "Global position", consider the following:                

  From Antalya to Istanbul is 715 kilometres;a 1hour 15 min flight!!           From Belek /Kadriye to Gaziantep near the Syrian border is 780 kms     That is further than:                                                                               .

  • London to Paris.........456 klms
  • London to Amsterdam.....424 klms
  • London to Cologne.......679 klm                                                     Thats a fair old distance.Whatever is happening on the world stage ,it certainly isn't happening on your doorstep.(Although Antalya did host the G20 conference in November 2015!).Just shows how the region is growing quietly.

To book your Fairways Villa16 holiday,contact  Jeff at :


Villas at Fairways can be rented from about £275 per week low season, to about £490 per week in peak season.                                  Prices are for maximum 8 persons.

ELECTRIC is not included in the rental but charged on meter readings on arrival and departure. Gas is supplied and included in the rental price.

  Villa is cleaned before guests arrival and after departure and is included in the rental.

Winter Special
at Aroma Restaurant Kadriye

Fridays from 7pm,Asian and Oriental buffet. 50tl per person.                               Includes:                                onion bahjies, samosas,    Chinese spring rolls,Vegetable Roti, Chicken satay.                        Types of " hoppers".           Main courses include Birianies,Chicken and lamb curries,Butter chicken,Vegetable noodles,sweet and sour chicken, and chicken devil.                                      Booking required, see Kadriye Restaurants for details.