Kadriye beach; an ideal break from your villa or hotel.

 Kadriye beach is about 5 minutes drive from Kadriye town centre. Local buses run quite frequently and taxis are not expensive. Kadriye beach has changed a lot in the past 10 years; some for the better, some not so.New hotel developments have encroached on the beach,  restricting the area available to local residents and visitors to the beach.

      In particular the picnic area and BBQ spots, very popular with the local Turkish population,have been considerably reduced.However,you can still find a quiet spot during the week for some alfresco dining.

Things to do at Kadriye Beach

 Swimming and sunbathing.                                                               During the peak Summer months, the Mediterranean sea is quite warm to swim in.What's more," the Med" does not have a noticeable tide, so the water's edge is always close by.There are a limited number of free sunbeds available at the near end entrance to the beach.

Beach activities.  Parasailing,jet skies, go karts, "bumpy rides", etc are all available at Kadriye beach.Obviously the weekends are the busiest times,so you might be able to negotiate a price during quiet week days. Otherwise it's about 100YTL for a 15 minute Jet ski or a go on the parasailing.

Things to do at Kadriye Beach

 If you fancy something a little different to swimming and sunbathing, there are other activities in the  beach area.

  •   Go karts, though I have only once seen anyone riding them. 
  •   Paint balling can be fun but you really need a group to make the most of it.
  • There is a small farm or pet zoo .Great for toddlers. Rabbits,chickens,ducks,peacocks and more.And it's free.
  •  There is a horse riding school.I believe they offer accompanied treks for younger,inexperienced riders. A nice way to have a wander around the beach area.
  • Have a BBQ! There is a purpose built bbq area, with cooking spots,water taps, some picnic tables, etc.The area is not as big as it used to be, due to hotel development. However it is still popular with the local residents ,especially on weekends.
  • Grab something to eat at one of the bars or restaurants that run along the Beach.     
  • On the way home you may like to visit the Garden of   Tolerence. A mosque, a synagogue and a church,in a beautiful garden setting.
  • Take a boat trip.You may see a turtle or two,They are highly protected and not easily seen. A trip to Alanya  would be a better option as they have specific trips to Turtle Beach and more. For more information  on turtle conservation in Turkey go to:   http://wwf.panda.org/who_we_are/wwf_offices/turkey/index.cfm?uProjectID=TR0039

            You can also book adventure trips at the beach for water rafting, jeep safaris, and so on.

The new Hamam (Turkish baths) at the beach;A superb building for a massage, though I personally find a massage rather painful!
One of several restaurants at the beach.

Getting to the Beach

A day at the beach can be so relaxing. Kadriye Beach is a nice break from your villa or hotel and it's not far to get to..It's about 5 minutes from Kadriye town centre, about 7 minutes from Belek. About 5 or 6 minutes from Fairways Villas. Dolmus (buses) run to the beach, cost about 3 lira one way. Taxis are easy too, and reasonable.Expect to pay about 15 lira from Kadriye, about 20 lira from Belek.

   Most taxi drivers are fair and honest, but it's worth establishing the fare price before setting off.the prices above give you a guide, and major taxi ranks will usually have prices displayed prominently nearby. 

    While most taxis are standard design,with 4 passenger seats, many have 2 extra seats in the back so can carry upto 6 persons.

   However you travel, you'll pass by the amazing Rixos Land of Legends,which is a must visit for everyone.

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Winter Special
at Aroma Restaurant Kadriye

Fridays from 7pm,Asian and Oriental buffet. 50tl per person.                               Includes:                                onion bahjies, samosas,    Chinese spring rolls,Vegetable Roti, Chicken satay.                        Types of " hoppers".           Main courses include Birianies,Chicken and lamb curries,Butter chicken,Vegetable noodles,sweet and sour chicken, and chicken devil.                                      Booking required, see Kadriye Restaurants for details.