Kadriye restaurants or Belek restaurants?Mmmm....

Kadriye Restaurants or Belek restaurants? Well, we have favourites in both towns, and they are only a 10 minute drive apart.Both have some good bars and restaurants,although Belek tends to be a bit livelier. As with many places it often depends on when you go and whether there's anything on.

  Yet it is always changing.New bars  or restaurants open, others close.Some change name, others change ownership.So it's not always easy to recommend Kadriye restaurants or bars, (same goes for Belek too).

kadriye beach sports
kadriye beach

Most Kadriye restaurants, whether town or beach, serve a broad range of food,; everything from "mezzes"-a variety of snack type Turkish foods,-to chicken dishes, pizzas,pastas,kebabs,seafood and steaks.

  Chicken dishes are generally the cheapest meat dishes;beef and lamb more expensive. Pork and pork products, as you'd expect in a predominantly Muslim country, are pretty hard to come by and very few Kadriye restaurants offer pork dishes, though some now serve bacon with an English breakfast and you can buy bacon in some supermarkets, but it is quite expensive.

  If you're taking your holiday in a Turkey villa rental, you often have the opportunity to buy products not generally found in Kadriye restaurants.You can buy bacon and some pork products but they are expensive.

Kadriye Beach area

  Kadriye Beach is a great place to relax ,get a bit of a sun tan, have a quiet beer,or enjoy a nice lunch.There aren't as many little "niche" places there now due to the encroachment of a major hotel, but the remaining places are good.

   There are sunbeds on the beach for customers use and you're never more than a few yards to a dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea.

   There are good shower and toilet facilities at the beach,with small shops, a HUGE  massage parlour (Hamam), go carts and BBQ areas, though these too have been cut back due to hotel expansion.

  The Caddie bar is our particular favourite Kadriye restaurant on the beach and we'll tell you why in a moment.

kadriye beach
kadriye beach hamam

Kadriye Town

Kadriye main street
Kadriye Garden of Tolerence

Kadriye restaurants are frequently changing. A place can be doing great food, then the chef gets enticed away and standards slip. That's just how it is.

  Sometimes you'll just want a beer , maybe watch the sport in a proper bar atmosphere. There are a couple of places we like if we want to watch football or rugby; the 19th Hole is great to watch sport, it has all the channels for football and rugby (golf, tennis,whatever), and a more informal atmosphere.The 19th is only recently embarking on food, so we'll see how they go.

The Roman Bar is also very good ;we've watched a few Galatassaray v Fennerbache  games there and the local people have treated us fantastically. They love their football, but don't let reputations put you off; Turkish hospitality is great. Roman bar does good food too.

   Adana restaurant has been going a long time and was one of the first Kadriye restaurants we ever ate at in the area.It was so modern then (still is really).

  " No Name "restaurant has seen a resurgence  in recent times  , mainly due to a new chef owner, but this is about to change again so we'll keep watch.

   The Titanic is not going to change (thankfully).This husband and wife team continue to serve good quality food that is slightly different to the rest.

  There are other Kadriye restaurants and we will look at them too. We'll also touch on the hotels or golf clubs,as although not strictly Kadriye restaurants, they offer good food.

Kadriye Beach restaurant
Kadriye Beach restaurant2

The Caddie Bar

Located down on Kadriye Beach this is a great place to chill out .Lounge on the beach on their sun beds or garden hammocks, enjoy a drink or snack ,or have a proper meal. The food is a little more expensive than some of the other kadriye restaurants but the quality is good and worth the extra.

kadriye restaurants-Caddie bar
caddie bar kadriye
kadriye beach caddie bar roof
kadriye restaurants-Caddie bar2

The rooftop bar offers beautiful views across the beach area and is especially popular in the cooler months as it's easy to move inside if it gets too chilly.There is also outside seating at ground level so you have a choice.  During the warmer months people tend to use the beach bar and lounge area more.You can sunbathe on the beach loungers, sit on hammocks in the grassed area, or sit on the sofa style seats in the bar area.

Caddie bar Menu
caddie bar Main courses

Of all Kadriye's restaurants and bars, the Caddie Bar offers the best of all worlds; a nice beach, a nice bar, and good food.The strganoff is very popular, but the burgers are excellent too.Loy and the staff always make us feel welcome. Loy also runs the Belek & Kadriye Golf Society, so if you're after a social round or two, contact Loy.Look out for special evenings by the way.

The Nineteenth Hole

This is a great place to go for a more "bar " type atmosphere. Kemal has been a long-time friend of most of us who have villas near Kadriye.He spent many years at the old "Bar Bekkar",formerly one of the best Kadriye restaurants and now known as Natti's.Now he's doing his own thing and  brings a lot of experience and understanding to his business.He's currently introducing full English breakfast to see customers through the world cup and other events;proper bacon, sausage,beans, etc.We just hope people support it because we need a place that's different.Too many places do the same old thing.

   Sometimes it's nice just to have a drink and a game of pool, watch some sport, and have a laugh.At the 19th Hole, it's more of a pub atmosphere, rather than a traditional Kadriye restaurant.

Kemal has the complete choice of satelite channels for sport, but the outside seating is ideal for a relaxed drink, people watching or a bite to eat.He'll even help with transport if it's a problem.We've had a few "lads days out" here,and I hope we'll have a few more.

Aroma Restaurant and Lounge.

 This is a very welcome addition to Kadriye restaurants dining choices. Opened in the Summer of 2018 The Aroma offers a Sri Lankan touch to a great Asian menu.Similar to traditional Indian food but usually with a little twist that gives it a distinctive flavour.

   Sahan is a highly experienced executive chef, having set up kitchens and menus in top hotels,including The Rixos Land of Legends among others. The Aroma is nicely decorated as you can see from the photo above, offering a relaxed dining experience,

  Beef, lamb and prawns are quite expensive in Turkey so the idea of offering a choice of how much meat you want in your curry, and thereby how much you wish to pay, is a great touch.                                  As you can see above, coconut milk is an important ingredient in Sri Lankan ( formerly Cylon) cuisine, and this,along with a few spice variations distinguishes it from traditional Indian cuisine that we see in many restaurants.                                                                                             Prices are very reasonable in light of the high cost of some ingredients and the amount of work that goes into preparing each dish.

   The Aroma restaurants policy is to cook all meals to order, so give yourself plenty of time to order and eat your meal.                                      Also, be warned , if you ask for very hot you will certainly get very hot. For a change from  Turkish or European  food the Aroma is a great  place to eat and I hope it gets the support it deserves.                          Most Kadriye restaurants are situated near the town centre, and the same applies to Aroma.Just around the corner from the auditorium park, it's easy to find.

  The Aroma Restaurant and Lounge,  Kadriye Mah. Turgut,                    Ozal Caddesi, No:8A/A, Serik, Antalya.                                                    Tel: 5533332766.


  If you'd like to know more about Sri Lankan cuisine the above is a secure link.

Roman Bar

Right in the centre of Kadriye's shopping area, the Roman Bar is a good place to watch sport or enjoy a good meal.Actually, I often partake of an Efes or two while Gaynor is shopping.

Roman Bar, kadriye

Aydın Zeybek can normally be found meeting and greeting new people and many who return year after year.The hosts don't always remember your name but they rarely forget a face.

  This Kadriye restaurant has the benefit of years of continuity.People know what to expect.Prices are reasonable and the food good.The house speciality is a Turkish dish cooked in a clay pot,which is then cracked open at your table and served.Delicious and the only Kadriye restaurant that does this at present.

The only downside is that Aydin is a fervent Chelsea supporter and has travelled far to see them.Bless.

No Name Restaurant

This Kadriye restaurant used to be called Halis Han's.It's in a great location and is a great spot for a break when the market is open on Tuesdays.it went downhill for a long time but was taken over by some of the staff from Bar Bekkar (now Natti's) and things improved considerably.

 It looks like the chef is off to Izmir so we'll keep an eye on this one, but the food and service have been good so far.

Update,April 2015: the chef has left,along with some staff members,and the standard seems to have dropped considerably.

No Name Restaurant,Kadriye
No Name Restaurant,Kadriye

The menu is pretty comprehensive, with European meals like Spag Bols, Turkish kebabs and specialities, steaks, fish & seafood.

   Just watch you don't fill up on the Turkish bread and dips that they bring out before your meal.They are delicious but moreish!!!

No Name Restaurant,Kadriye
No Name Restaurant,Kadriye

Kadriye Restaurants :The Titanic (Miriam's Bar).

  Well worth visiting this Kadriye restaurant;it's different from most,in fact all, the other restaurants in the Belek and kadriye area.

 The menu is based on Austrian cuisine and the food is consistently good. Proper fillet steaks, beautiful schnitzels (though made with beef or chicken, rather than veal) and the potatoes are cooked in all sorts of different ways.

Titanic,Kadriye Restaurants & bars

The only proviso I would offer for The Titanic is to go early; it's a small staff set up and when it gets busy you may need to wait a while for drinks and meals.Generally it's worth the wait though.

Kadriye restaurants :Out of town.....

There are other Kadriye restaurants in the town centre; Adana,Sefin Yari, Sunset.There are also some interesting places on the road to Belek.

  Some are in the least likely place.....

Sef Ali's is located alongside a Petrol station, but it's far from a transport cafe.The menu is varied the food is good and very reasonably priced.

Further along the road you'll find The Republic bar and Natti's Bar.Both have been very successful in years gone by, but both have recently changed ownership so we'll see how they go in the future.

Republic Bar, kadriye restaurants
Natti's Bar,Kadriye restaurants.

There are also excellent 5 star hotels and golf clubhouses offering excellent dining or even just a good lunch.

 The National Golf Club has a beautiful clubhouse restaurant and a menu to match.Lunch is usually taken out on the patio overlooking the 18th green and fairway; a superb setting.It can rightly call itself a Kadriye restaurant,as well as a renowned golf club;the ladies European Tour have been playing here for several years now.

The terrace at the National(above).

The menu at the National is excellent and can be a welcome change from the kebabs,pasta,pizzas, and the routine fare offered by most Kadriye restaurants.

 Veal fillets, crispy duck,seared scallops,salmon fillets, and a delightful selection of salads and starters, are just a few of the dishes on offer, though of course the menu may change.

Note that prices are in eoros, though you can still pay in Turkish lira.

The Montgomery Maxx Royal is also experimenting with opening up it's clubhouse to non-residents.Early days yet but it's looking like a good "one-price-package", rather like all-inclusive.Pay your money and eat and drink as you require for a fixed period.We'll see how that develops.

Montgomery Maxx Royal,Kadriye restaurants.

Another favourite spot for a relaxing beer or a bite to eat is The Sueno.The stunning view from the decking or verandah makes this an idyllic place to eat or recover from a round of golf on one of the two courses, The Pines and The Dunes.

The Sueno Hotel
The Sueno Hotel

  These superb 5 star hotels are also good places to spot celebrities who come for charity golf tournaments held in kadriye and Belek.Robert Powell, Denis Waterman,Warren Clarke, (and a few others I can't even remember) all joined me and my golf pals for a beer after we'd finished our round of golf;...well, not quite,but they did sit near us in the bar!

Kadriye Restaurants....prices.

People generally go on holiday to relax and Kadriye's restaurants and bars generally reflect this.From the small roadside cafes to the large five star hotels the broad theme is "casual".

  The food is reasonably priced in the town restaurants;a small steak,or a sea bass/bream,with vegetables and accompaniments is usually about 20 to 25 Turkish lira (€10; $15, £8),( April 2014).

   Beer has increased in price significantly since 2011, due mainly to Government policy.It is still generally cheaper than most of Europe but is catching up.A large beer at the 19th Hole in Kadriye is 7/8 lira,(€3, $4, £2), but you can pay 10Lira  or more in some places.

   Wine is relatively expensive in bars but if you are renting a villa you can pick up some bargains in the supermarkets to drink at "home" around the pool or BBQ.

    Turkish Raki is often reasonably priced, and Turkish tea (cai) is very cheap but very refreshing,generally being served in small glasses,like a large sherry glass.                                                      You might expect that proper,authentic "Turkish" restaurants might be a bit cheaper than the tourist oriented establishments;generally this is not the case.They will still charge you tourist prices I'm afraid.This can change if you go way off the beaten track.The old village in Icmeler had an old tea house with a traditional barber shop opposite.The locals would sit drinking tea (Cai), but they would serve us with beer at around €1.5, and we would take it in turns to go over for a full Turkish barber experience (haircut,shave,ears and nose hair removed,and the dreaded massage of shoulders, arms and fingers), all for about €4!!

   So my message is the same: whether you're staying in a rental villa or an all inclusive hotel, we should try to get out and support the local Kadriye restaurants,bars, and other businesses.They'll be missed when they are gone.Look at Spain.


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Winter Special
at Aroma Restaurant Kadriye

Fridays from 7pm,Asian and Oriental buffet. 50tl per person.                               Includes:                                onion bahjies, samosas,    Chinese spring rolls,Vegetable Roti, Chicken satay.                        Types of " hoppers".           Main courses include Birianies,Chicken and lamb curries,Butter chicken,Vegetable noodles,sweet and sour chicken, and chicken devil.                                      Booking required, see Kadriye Restaurants for details.