The cost of a day at the Rixos Land of Legends

 The Rixos land of legends is Turkey's latest and most spectacular attraction.Opened in July 2016,it currently consists of the incredible 5*Rixos Hotel, and a massive water park with some amazing features.

  First up,it is not a cheap day out, especially if you have a large family.However, that doesn't mean it's not good value.Once you pay your entry, you can stay all day;until 6pm in the water park, and late as you like in the hotel area.There's a lot to see and do!

   The Rixos Hotel itself is incredible and when you feel like a break from the theme park, it's well worth taking a tour of the mall and the hotel interior. We will not give all hotel accommodation prices as these will vary considerable depending on who you book with and where you book from.Generally however, prices for standard rooms range from €195 per night in early May to €275 through Summer months, and €510 during holiday weekends.Tour operators will obviously offer package deals,so check around.

The Legends of Aqua

WE paid 130 Turkish Lira per person to enter the Rixos land of legends theme park.We could have booked online for about 90 Turkish Lira, but we experienced problems making payment and some people were unable to print off tickets (who carries a printer on holiday?).This worked out at about £30 per person,US $45.

  However, there are add-ons for the dolphin shows,mythical journey, and snorkelling.

Additional charges for Rixos land of legends.

  •   So it's about 130 Turkish lira to get in to the Land of Legends aqua park if you pay at the gate.(Check exchange rates).You can book cheaper online and there are various deals offering packages that allow use or entry to shows and activities, eg Dolphin Show, Mythical Journey, and snorkeling .  You can also pay separately for these  additional activities.Some examples of current prices(October 2016), but obviously subject to change:
  • On-line booking aqua park only....US$31-50 adult(£25), US$21(£16) for a child aged 3 to 12 years.
  • Infants under 3years enter for free.
  • Swim with dolphins....US$120, encounter with dolphins....$75, approach dolphins and photo shoot...$25
  • Snorkelling/diving....$10 (I think this is worth the extra; my adult son loved it).
  • Mythical Journey...$75.

Money-saving bundles.

It's possible to buy money saving bundles to take full advantage of all that the Rixos land of legends has to offer.They are graded by cost into GOLD, SILVER, and BRONZE.

  • GOLD Ticket. Valid after 1st/5/2017.  US$ 200  $180 3-12 yrs.    Includes Legends park entrance;all slides and rides.                    Dolphin swim                                                                               Mythical Journey (Scuba diving experience).                               Snorkelling; around the waterfront reefs and wrecks.                    Shows; the dolphin, walrus and whale performances.
  • Silver Ticket;  US$140.   $120   3-12 years.                                   Legends park entrance for all the pools,slides and rides.              Dolphin swim                                                                                Snorkelling
  • Bronze ticket 1:    us$100     us$80  3-12 years.                            Legends entrance to all pools,slides and rides.                            Dolphin encounter                                                                         Snorkelling
  • Bronze ticket 2   us$100     us$80 3-12 years.                              Rixos land of legends entrance                                                    Mythical journey                                                                            Snorkelling                                                                                    Dolphin shows.                                                                                                                                                                                         Personally I think this last one is the best value for money,especially if you have teenage kids who would take advantage of everything.Unless you have a burning desire, or a lifelong ambition to touch the dolphins, just watch the show;it's highly entertaining and will allow you to enjoy the thrills of snorkelling with the fish and scuba diving with all it's thrills. Bronze Ticket 2 is probably the best value.  Click here to see offers or book your bronze ticket.

Food and drink at the Rixos land of legends.

  So many tourist attractions think that once they have their captive market they can more or less charge what they like.Pleased to say, prices inside the Rixos land of legends are quite reasonable and are generally good value.Obviously the Seatrack restaurant offers fine dining and the decor and prices reflect this .

  There are several eateries around the theme park and hotel area; La Plancha,Kids Side Bar, several cafes/bars, and 111 restaurant for that fine dining experience.

   So, a great day out and generally good value for money.For once you can entertain toddlers under 3years without spending a fortune as they enter for free.   

  If you're looking for accommodation take a look at our Turkey villas and hotel accommodation. Fairways Villa16 could be just what you're looking for.Hpe you enjoy the water park.

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