Turkey villa rental;how do you choose?

There are some fabulous  Turkey villa rentals.Huge ones that sleep upto 14 or 16 people.Smaller ones(like ours) that sleep upto 8.Then there are the apartments or aparthotels;apartments but with bar,restaurant & sometimes pool facilities.


Apartments are an economical way of renting ,particularly if there are only two of you & you're on a tight budget.An apartment in Alanya or Belek usually costs between  £154 to £256 /£160 to£250 per week.

  As with any Turkey villa rental it's worth your effort checking  whether it's in a holiday rental block or a residential block. Residential blocks can be noisy, dirty, & not very pleasant in some areas. This is not always the case of course, but hunt for reviews, either on the owner's web site or on Trip Advisor.

 Apartments dominate the Alanya promenades.

A rule of thumb is that the further back from the beach,the cheaper it will be; but it's more likely to be in or amongst  residential letts.Your Turkey holiday could be spoilt  if your  rental choice is  based purely on price.

  A Turkey villa rental is not a great deal more expensive and there's a very broad choice.

Turkey villas

Turkey villa rentals  are so varied there should be something for everyone. On the Turkish Mediterranean coast some can  cost little more than an apartment; £250-£300 per week. For 4-6 people that's  as little as £50 per person per week.

   At the top end you could pay £2000 per week. You would expect something  a little special for that;

  • Private pool
  • 4/5 bedrooms maybe.
  • Secluded location
  • Quality furniture & furnishings.
  • Perhaps private beach access.

As with the apartments ,Turkey villa rentals tend  to go along the lines of "You get what you pay for".


The photograph above shows a villa in a location with an absolutely fantastic view over the coast and to the hills in the distance.

  Of course, that also tells you that you are quite high up, so there are other considerations.

  • What is the road like from the beach to the villa?
  • Is there a shop or bar close by or do you have to go into the town or village?
  • Can you walk up & down or do you need to drive; maybe get taxis?
  • Are you too far from everything? Restaurants, bars, shops, and perhaps more importantly, a hospital or chemist. Important for the elderly or very young.
  • How far from any attractions are you? The Turkish Mediterranean has so much to see; you don't want to be miles from everything.

  Your Turkey villa rental has to meet YOUR NEEDS & not just look attractive.  Splendid isolation is not always the perfect Turkey holiday.

     Young children like to be at the beach or at a waterpark. You  might fancy a few rounds of golf so you need to be in the vicinity of Belek or Kadriye. If dining out is important, look at the restaurants close by.


 Your Turkey villa rental is meant to be at least a home from home, and if you've really splashed out, possibly more. We love our villa. We spend a few months of the year there and rent it out through the peak months of April to November. So we try to get the feel of what renters would want &    what is practical.

       Good owners will give a fairly comprehensive list of the things available & also provide good photographs.

  • Furniture should be practical but "homely". You want to relax at the end of a hard day's sunbathing & reading. Yet some Turkey villas look more like offices with  waiting room furniture  & no décor.

                  If sufficient photographs aren't supplied, don't be afraid to ask for some. You have to spend the next week or more in the villa, so get a good idea of what you're going to be living in.

  • We've had family out to visit us ,so we know that shower & bathroom facilities are important. You all arrange to meet at 7pm but can't get in the shower!!!You'll be late! (Not sure what for, but you're not there at 7). We work on the principle of  men 15 minutes, women 40 minutes +.So ,women first of course.

  However a modern  turkey villa should offer at least 2 shower rooms, preferably 3.


   Again, you need to ensure there are sufficient sunbeds, tables & seats for your party. Don't assume that there will be. Ask if it's not clear.

   Most importantly though is establishing  whether your pool is shared or private. This should also be reflected in the price you pay for your Turkey villa rental.

    A villa with a shared/communal pool generally costs from about £300 per week.Villa rentals with private pools usually start at about £400 per week.Establish whether the pool is private or communal;you can't always tell by the photographs,& sometimes private means shared with a semi-attached villa.

Villa Rental Prices.

   We mentioned about the pool being a factor in pricing,& other factors such as location,number of rooms,etc.But when you decide on the villa that suits you,it's important that you are absolutely clear on what IS and what is NOT included in your Turkey villa rental.

   The trend these days on the Turkish Mediterranean coast is to charge ELECTRIC & WATER as an extra,based on meter readings.Check if you have to pay this or whether it's included.So many villa renters don't read the whole of the advertisement & then are shocked to get a bill for utilities at the end of their holiday.

    Some rentals,particularly the more expensive ones, charge extra for cleaning the villa before,after,or both.Personally,I prefer to include cleaning in the cost of the rental,not as an extra.

    You would expect that the villa owners would be responsible for keeping the pool cleaned ,but again be sure;especially if your taking a long term lease.Similarly with gardening & other maintenance costs.

   Villa owners have their own responsibilities,but be sure you know what you are liable for on your Turkey holiday.

Health & Safety.

  An important factor to bear in mind is that there are no tangible Health & Safety regulations regarding swimming pools.Unlike Australia & some other countries, pools do not have to be fenced off or gated.Most have open access.

    It is essential that young children or non swimmers are supervised, even when the pool is not in use.At communal pools there are no lifeguards,you must supervise.

Most pools are open access,so young children need supervision.


  Part of the fun of having a Turkey villa rental is that you can have your own little BBQ or party.Or depending on your timing you might find there is a "street party".Our neighbours,Jackie & Mike,hosted a 50th birthday & a Jubilee party one Summer.People just LOVE a party.Don't be surprised if you get an invite from some of the residents.

   Of course,whether it's your party or someone else's,there are a few basic rules to follow.

   The obvious consideration is noise.Generally,reasonable party noise(music,singing,general laughing & joking) is acceptable up to midnight.After that you must show consideration to neighbours.

  Police are normally very strict with noise nuisance,whether its individuals,hotels,restaurants or any other business.They can,& do,close businesses on the spot if they feel inclined,& will not hesitate to sort out a rowdy party.

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